4 Features That Should Be Included In The Vacation Cabin You Choose To Rent For Your Family

Posted on: 23 July 2019


Not all vacation cabin rentals are created equal. Here are a few features to look for when choosing a cabin rental that should help optimize your family's next vacation experience:

Flat Rate Fees 

The vacation cabin you choose to rent should feature flat rate rental fees so you don't end up facing surprising charges when it's time to go home. Things like electricity, water, and garbage pickup should all be included in your rental fee. And if extra amenities and accommodations are available, they should be factored into your overall rental fee as long as you request those services ahead of time.

And any rental equipment that is available at the cabin, such as sleds and sprinklers, should be charged on a per visit basis as opposed to hourly or daily. This should help ensure that you know exactly what you'll be paying when you check out of the rental cabin.

A Fully Stocked Kitchen

While you shouldn't expect the fridge and cupboards to be full of food, you should be able to rely on a kitchen that is stocked with a variety of appliances, dishes, and utensils. Extra kitchen towels, garbage bags, plastic food containers, and cleaning supplies should also be readily available. A full stove and oven, a microwave, and a coffee pot should be easy to access. And look for a rental cabin that comes complete with a list of recommended stores in the area where you can find local food and ingredients for use during your vacation.

A Complete Laundry Room

To ensure optimal comfort and convenience for your family while on vacation, look for a vacation cabin to rent that features a laundry room complete with washer, dryer, laundry baskets, soap, and fabric softener. This will allow you to wash clothes as they become dirty, allowing you to pack lighter for your vacation. And you won't have to worry about doing a bunch of laundry as soon as you get home from vacation when you have a bunch of other responsibilities to catch up on.

Private Outdoor Space

It's also a good idea to consider outdoor space when choosing a cabin to rent for your family's upcoming vacation. While you shouldn't expect your rental cabin to be free of neighbors next door or across the street, you should be able to rely on a privately enclosed yard or porch to relax on where passersby and neighbors can't see you. Make sure that there will be at least enough private space available outside to accommodate everyone in your family if you decide to spend time outdoors together.