Tips for Visiting Myrtle Beach with a Dog

Posted on: 20 July 2016


Myrtle Beach is a dog-friendly vacation destination. Area hotels, restaurants, and local parks all cater to dog owners who want to bring their beloved pets with them on vacation. If you're a dog owner who wants to bring your pooch with you on your upcoming vacation to Myrtle Beach, the following tips will help.

Know the Rules

There are several Myrtle Beach hotels that allow dogs on the premises. Each hotel has different rules, and many hotels require owners to take their dogs with them when they're not in the hotel room. Some hotels may have restrictions on dog size, number of dogs, and so on. When calling ahead to find a hotel that will accommodate your pet, ask about the full pet policy, not just whether pets are allowed. Knowing whether or not your pet can stay in the room alone will affect your entire vacation.

Know the Pet-Friendly Restaurants

If you do stay in a hotel that won't allow dogs to stay alone in the room, you'll need to know which restaurants in Myrtle Beach are pet friendly. Ask your hotel for a list of dog-friendly restaurants in the area, then call ahead to each restaurant to find out what their dog policies entail. Make a list of restaurants that are dog-friendly so that you'll know where to go when it's time to eat. Some eateries may even offer dog-friendly meals, so inquire as you call.

Pick the Right Time of Year

Dogs are allowed on Myrtle Beach, but during peak tourist season, the hours when dogs may enter the beach are limited. If you want your dog to have access to the beach at all times of the day, pick a non-peak time to visit, between Labor day and April 30.

Find a Dog Walker and Sitter

If your dog is not allowed to stay in your hotel room on his or her own, you may need to hire someone to watch your dog while you're doing activities with which dogs aren't allowed. Talk to your hotel concierge about local dog walking and sitting services. Your hotel may be able to point you in the direction of some quality businesses in the Myrtle Beach area.

Know the Dog Parks

Although there may be public places in Myrtle Beach where dogs can be present on a leash, the best places for your dog are the off-leash city dog parks. These fully-fenced, dog-dedicated spaces are meant for dogs to unwind and have a good time in the presence of other dogs. There are multiple dog parks in the Myrtle Beach area. Ask your hotel which one is closest when you arrive or call and ask ahead of time.

For more information and tips about bringing your pet to Myrtle Beach, call your hotel. The concierge can give you tips and point you to more local dog-friendly businesses.