Persuading Your Landlord To Make Major Home Renovations

Posted on: 12 April 2018


You might think that a rented house is something that can never be changed. However, you actually are allowed to make major changes if you receive permission from your landlord. In these circumstances, you will want to make sure that your landlord is involved every step of the process.

Understand Local Building Codes

Conduct research on the changes you intend to make to make sure that you will actually be allowed to make them. For example, find out if your desired changes are allowed under local building codes. There is no point in going through this process if your landlord will not even be allowed to perform these renovations.

Determine Whether You Need Permission

There are some changes that you may not be required to receive permission for. Check the lease for examples of changes that you are allowed to make to your house. For instance, you may be allowed to paint walls any color.

Put Substantial Changes in Writing

If you must make a much more substantial change, such as retiling your bathroom, make sure to put these changes in writing and go into explicit detail.

Create a List of Everything Required

Create an itemized list of everything that will be required to perform the necessary renovations. You may need to hire a professional. If your landlord is comfortable with you performing the renovations yourself, you will still want to provide details on the items that will be needed to perform the renovations so you may be reimbursed.

Research How the Renovations Will Affect Property Values

One way you may persuade the landlord to allow for renovations to go ahead is to provide details on how these changes will increase property values. Present all of this information during a meeting with your landlord. By discussing this in-person in the house rental, you will be able to go over exactly what you intend to change in your apartment.

Get Permission

Once you have received permission, make sure to get the permission in writing. Include all of the details so you can verify that your landlord understands everything that needs to be done.

While you may need to persuade your landlord to make optional renovations, such as replacing the carpet, there are some renovations that are required because they are necessary for you to have safe living conditions. If your home needs any repairs, make sure to inform the landlord and he or she will perform these repairs. To learn more, contact a company like Tommy's on the Beach.