Some Perks You Might Enjoy By Staying At An RV Resort Rather Than A Hotel Or Campground

Posted on: 21 May 2021


If you're making plans for your next vacation, consider staying at an RV resort. If you like having privacy in your own space and like being in the outdoors, you may enjoy staying in a resort rather than a hotel. If you don't have an RV, you could look into renting one. If you do have an RV, you may find a resort is more pleasurable than staying in a state park or campground. Here are some perks you might enjoy at an RV resort.

Concierge Service

If you want information about local attractions and places to go outside of the resort, the concierge service is a big help. They know the area well and are able to match you with activities and dining places you'll enjoy. They may even obtain tickets or arrange transportation. Having a concierge service makes it easier to stay in a place where you don't know anyone or any of the local businesses.

Nightly Group Activities

One of the fun things about camping is meeting other RV owners and forming bonds. People living the RV life are usually friendly and like to chat and be sociable, especially when compared to strangers you meet in a hotel.

An RV resort often has nightly group activities that might include cookouts, group dining, campfires, games, and movie nights. You can stay in your RV and enjoy solitude or take part in fun social activities and feel like you're away at camp again.

Prime Locations

RV resorts usually come with some type of recreational activity depending on where the resort is located. You can find resorts in all parts of the country and in some of the most scenic locations. You might stay in the mountains and spend your time hiking, stay on the beach and relax to the sound of waves at night, or stay in the desert and admire beautiful scenery each day.

Since the resorts are usually in premium destinations, you'll also find plenty to do within a short drive. You might stay near one of the top golf courses in the country or near a theme park attraction.

Spa Services

You may not have to give up being pampered in a spa if you choose the right RV resort. You can easily enjoy a massage, morning yoga, and beauty treatments in a beautiful natural setting and at your convenience.

The amenities offered at each RV resort vary, so take time to compare different resorts and the areas they are located. You're sure to find services that you'll enjoy and that are suitable for your entire family if you'll be vacationing with kids. Contact an RV resort for more information.